Tech Trends: The Internet Is Made of Tubes Edition

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  • September 12, 2013


So the internet is kind of a thing now. It’s probably going to be around for a while. Because of that, you might want some resources to make the most of it.




Want to build your own internet? Before you go booting up Dreamweaver, check out SublimeText instead. A lean, light text editor designed for editing webpages.
Protip: the free trial lasts forever.


Need to send someone something fast? Try out Cloud. Just drag your file to the menubar icon and a link is added to your clipboard, ready to be pasted wherever its needed.
Protip: Running on Windows? FluffyApp uses the same login info, but works on your PC.


Browser Extensions:

Dribbble HD

Love Dribbble but hate having to click into and out of pages just to see a 400x300px image? This Chrome plugin is for you.

Modern New Tab Page

In Adam’s recitation hour? Still looking for a new new tab page? Why not give this Chrome plugin a try. It’s pretty, and it doesn’t take 10 seconds to load like Feedly.

Trying to find a place to hold all your favorite Dribbble shots, Behance projects, favorite typefaces and awesome free typefaces? Sign up for Icebergs. Essentially a designer-focused Pintrest, Icebergs doesn’t try to socialize your lists to make money. Come to think of it though, I’m not really sure how their making money…

Sources of Inspiration

Little Big Details

Ever visit a site and notice something that makes you say “Oh man, that’s so smart I can’t believe that isn’t everywhere yet!”? It’s probably been featured on LBD.


Looking for a good place to steal ideas from for your own website? Check out Awwwards; a curated listed of sites that are made of win.


Ultralinx skims the very best new apps, wallpapers, WordPress blogs, & fonts, then puts them all in one place for you to conveniently peruse.

The Verge

You don’t know the difference between 4G and LTE? And you go to RIT? Better brush up on your tech news. Start with The Verge, it’s where Gizmodo and Techcrunch scrape their content from.


Flat design just a little too flat for you? Check out SubtlePatterns. They host lots of… well, subtle patterns.

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