Tech Recap: Apple Town Hall Event

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  • September 10, 2013

Everything you already knew was true.


Apple announced the new iPhone 5C and 5S today, to the usual revomagilutionary fanfare. The new features also doubled as a checklist of leaked information, resulting in a fairly predictable event. The synopsis is as follows, though if you had seen any of the iPhone rumors prior to the event, you pretty much already know what they’ve announced:



iPhone 5C

  • Plastic rear cover reminiscent of the 3G / 3GS
  • 5 colorful colors
  • Exactly the same hardware as the iPhone 5
  • Apple will provide you with color-matched wallpapers to go with your phone, if that was a major concern for you
  • $100 price discount from the usual model (16gb for $99, 32gb for $199)




iPhone 5S

  • New gold color
  • The ‘new’ gray color is apparently made of space
  • 64-bit processor and operating system (although it was never made clear what was taking advantage of the increased bandwidth)
  • CPU performance is 40x faster, GPU performance is 56x faster (no metrics provided)
  • New M7 chip, designed to enable more accurate performance tracking for apps like Nike+
  • Improved iSight camera (including tons of software tricks like burst capture and slow-motion 720p video)
  • Dual-LED flash promises better skin tones when the flash is used
  • Fingerprint scanner integrated into the home button so you can scan your finger instead of having to authorize your app updates with a password (rather than say, making an option to not ask for your password…)



iphone6Sadly, neither of the new iPhones feature wrap-around screens that seem to be in such high demand on Dribbble, but it’s surely just a matter of time until a designer at Samsung sees them and build a Galaxy S5C Infinity Droid with Wiz Edition.


iOS7 has finally been given a release date: September 18th, and the new iPhones will be available starting Sept. 20th. There was no word on redesigning the redesigned icons.

You should probably grab your Apple tshirts, Apple mugs, Apple tent and get to your local Apple store to get in line for the release. There were a few nice faces Tim Cook made while at the event, you could print them out and carry them with you until the 20th to remind yourself of how they Redesigned the iPhone from the  Ground Up to perfect the Feel In Your Hand.

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