Meet-a-Mentor: Andrew Bernardo

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  • September 9, 2013

Andrew Name: Andrew Bernardo
Year Level: Junior
Hometown: Warrington, PA
Favorite Designer: Mike from Creative Mints
Favorite Inspiration Website: Dribbble
Strongest New Media Skill: Vectors



Favorite thing I have learned in New Media:

My favorite thing I learned in new media has to be 3D. It just blows my mind every time I work in Cinema and getting things to look as realistic as possible.

What I did this summer:
This past summer I worked as a counselor at a summer camp for kids with special needs. It was a very low key summer where I got to work on my personal projects, hang with friends, and train for cross country.

One secret you wouldn’t want to tell your parents:
How much I literally just dance at parties. Yeah, they would probably be mortified and I guess I would too.

Best Halloween costume I ever had:
When I was younger, one year I was Indiana Jones for halloween and I had a real authentic fedora and whip from Mexico, I was super legit.


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