New Media Club

New Media Club is an event oriented club  that seeks to bring New Media Majors, and those interested in New Media Design, together outside the classroom.

We also seek to provide a strong mentorship programme that will bolster relationships, encourage constructive conversation, and instill confidence in every member of our community.

*Our general meetings are every other Wednesday. Sign up for emails or follow us on Facebook for up-to-date events!

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head potato

Ethelia Lung

Ethelia has an affinity for naps and tuna wraps. Crafting delightful experiences is her main hustle. Her weakness is that she's deathly afraid of Asian F’s - you didn't hear it from me.


Aditi Khazanchi

Aditi has got the travel bug! She wishes to see every place on earth. When she’s not planning her next trip, she can be found glued to the monitor in the lab working and drinking way too much coffee.

the money bags

Abbey Lee

Abbey is part pixel pusher, part mountain goat. When she’s not in front of a screen cultivating her vastly growing collections of GIFS, she’s off deep in the wilderness fulfilling her dreams of finding and promptly high fiving her hero: Big Foot.

social butterfly

Chris Locke

Chris has never met a poutine he doesn’t like. Raised in Rochester, NY, Chris is obsessed with food, design, comic books, and Pusheen.


Jacob Frank

The young lad who makes the webs and crawls the walls. Late one night, when Jacob was asked the question "What's your favorite food?" he answered with a muddled response of "pizza, pizza, and pizza."

plans them events

Maddy Baker

If prompted, Maddy can talk in depth about her crystal collection, her favorite hiking trails, or the half-finished digital paintings on her hard drive. But whatever you do, don’t mention her pet Axolotl. You’ll never hear the end.